BRANSON, Mo. — 50 years after The Beatles US debut; people are still talking.

In honor of The 50th Anniversary of the debut of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show Grammy nominated Liverpool Legends will be recreating that magical night of Fe.b 9th, 1964, when The Beatles made their first appearance and changed the face of music and the world forever.

Louise Harrison, George Harrison’s sister and Liverpool Legends creator says she handpicked the members of the Liverpool Legends group in Branson based on her experiences being around the original fab four.

“As for the actual performance 50 years ago, it was quite exciting to everybody,” said Harrison.

Harrison reminisced on what it was like during Beatlemania.

“When it first started, the Beatles thing, my Mom and Dad were getting thousands of fan letters and they always answered them the best that they could,” she said. “They always took the attitude that the Beatles fans all across the world were our extended family.”

As far as the fans go–Harrison continues to spread the love.

“My mom always said that we have to give back the love, so that is what I have been doing.”

Marty Scott, Liverpool Legend’s George Harrison, said that he is proud that the music still lives on.

“It’s not only just their music but they affected so much more than just music, they affected politics and fashion and everything everyone was doing.” said Scott.

The Liverpool Legends perform songs spanning the entire career of The Beatles and on through the solo years.

“For us this is the greatest gig ever, it never gets boring and there are so many songs,” Scott said. “There are so many people’s lives that have been affected by The Beatles, that they have lived their entire lives around their music.”

Harrison says that The Liverpool Legends try to capture the energy and the amount of fun that The Beatles where having during their original performances.

“It’s really true that they were having so much fun that they brought that fun right into the audience and everybody enjoyed it with them.”

The Liverpool Legends pay precise attention to every musical detail, including costume changes, vintage instruments and special effects.

The Liverpool Legends will perform in Branson, Mo. at the Caravelle Theatre Jun. 3 through Aug. 16 and Sept. 16 through Oct. 23 at 8 pm.

For information on the show visit their website here or call (417) 239-0499.

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