Kevin Mantegna, from left, Marty Scott and Bob Beahon perform as John Lennon, George Harrison and Paul McCartney while Louise Harrison, far right, watches from the wings as more than 16,000 people “Twist and Shout” at Mexico City’s Arena Ciudad. This weekend, the group will become the first act to headline the AmericaFest event at the Rose Bowl in back-to-back years in the 89 year history of the event 

BTLNewsWStrokeNSType Story by Joshua Clark The Liverpool Legends, a Grammy-nominated band which pays tribute to the music of the Beatles, have been drawing large crowds throughout the world and most recently became the first act to to perform back-to-back years as part of the 89th annual AmericaFest, held at the famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, July 4. “This festival has been going on for 89 years we’re the only group that’s ever done it two years in a row,” said Marty Scott, who portrays George Harrison as part of the Liverpool Legends. “I think it is extremely cool we’re going to get to play for 60,000 people.We got such a great response last year and I don’t think they’d seen anything like that ever during this festival. “I mean, 60,000 people were doing the wave during ‘Yellow Submarine,’ and that was so overwhelming.”

The lads will be joined by George Harrison’s sister, Louise Harrison, who hand-picked the members of the band, making them the only Beatles tribute band with a direct biological link to the Fab Four. AmericaFest is a Rose Bowl tradition and this year will mark its 89th year, continuing its record as the longest running Fourth of July show in Southern California. The extravaganza will also feature Elvis Tribute Artist, Brandon Bennet from the Tony Award winning musical Million Dollar Quartet. Scott said he and his fellow bandmates Bob Beahon as Paul McCartney, Kevin Mantegna as John Lennon, and Greg George as Ringo Starr, are looking forward to returning to the Rose Bowl.

While choosing to honor an English band during an event called AmericaFest that happens to be held on the Fourth of July may seem strange, Scott was able to put it into perspective. “Before they came to America in 1964, the Beatles were famous in just about every other part of the world,” he said. “But in order for them to make it, they had to come here, so we’re honoring the respect and admiration the Beatles showed America by celebrating the anniversary of them coming to play here for the first time. “This event and that day are still all about America.” They have been drawing large numbers of fans internationally. “We went to Mexico City, Mexico recently and drew a sold-out crowd of about 16,000 people,” Scott said. “It was like a turnout for a Paul McCartney show to see us. “Those are the type of shows you dream about doing.”

Legendary Beatles drummer Ringo Starr performed a few days before the Liverpool Legends did in Mexico City, so the promoter was keen on having a “Beatles Weekend.” The Liverpool Legends ended up outdrawing Starr. “It is just bizarre and I don’t really know why everything has snowballed the way it has.” Scott said the group will visit Spain later in the year and have several possibilities for more European gigs. “Lately our Facebook page has become so international that we have to use Google Translate to read it,” Scott said with a laugh. “We went from 12,000 people to like 170,000 people over the past year with fans coming in from all over the world.

When they aren’t performing abroad, the lads do still have a full schedule of shows at their home -The Caravelle Theatre here in Branson. As always, this year’s show has changed. “We change up the songs every year, but we still play Beatles’ songs, you know,” Scott laughed. “On Thursdays we don’t even make a set list. We just play whatever we want, and not only does it allow people to hear tunes they wouldn’t normally get a chance to hear, it is lots of fun.” The Liverpool Legends will return to Branson July 7 for their regular schedule of 8 p.m. shows Tuesday through Saturday.