School Programs

Louise Harrison, sister of Beatle George Harrison, has launched a new program, Help Keep Music Alive, together with Liverpool Legends, in an effort to honor her brother’s mission to keep music alive in the hearts, lives, and schools of our children.

What you need to know about this program:

  • Charts to The Beatles songs are provided for you.
  • Your students perform with Liverpool Legends in a special section of the show.
  • Louise Harrison will make herself available for all local media.
  • This event will draw an extreme amount of publicity for your school.
  • A portion of the proceeds are shared with your music department.

The “Help Keep Music Alive” concert is as educational as it is entertaining. It takes audiences on a magical history tour spanning the entire career of the Beatles, from The Ed Sullivan Show, Shea Stadium, Sgt. Pepper, and all the way through Abbey Road and beyond. Liverpool Legends have headlined their own show in Branson, MO, since 2005 and have won several awards, including best band, best show, and best tribute act.