Welcome to the Best Beatles Tribute Band, the Liverpool Legends

Do you love the music of the Beatles? The music that defined an entire generation is covered by the best Beatles tribute band on the planet, the Liverpool Legends. With the blessing and praise of George Harrison’s sister, Louise Harrison, the Liverpool Legends have become the best Beatles tribute band, playing all over the world, from California’s Rose Bowl to multiple arena shows in India and beyond. Not only do they play a world-wide tour each and every year, this Fab Four tribute is, as Louise puts it, “the closest you’ll get to seeing the real Beatles in concert today.” If you’ve searched for upcoming concerts in your area and don’t see any, you may want to consider a trip to Branson, Missouri and a night at the Caravelle Theatre where the Liverpool Legends play for multiple dates each year.

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Award Winning Beatles Tribute Band

George Harrison’s sister, Louise Harrison, calls the Liverpool Legends “the closest things to the original Beatles you’ll see anywhere” and for good reason. Not only do the Liverpool Legends sound like the real Beatles, they look like them too! For over a decade, the best Beatles tribute band has been touring the world, from Texas to New York, Russia to South America. You’ll also find them playing Branson on select dates at the Caravelle Theatre in 2017.

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