“Liverpool Legends are the very best four guys to portray the Beatles since the only four guys to play the Beatles were John, Paul, George and Ringo!” – Louise Harrison

“Hey, that’s you! I could spot John out anywhere! You make a great John!” – Paul McCartney

“In a personal letter to Louise Harrison, the President stated: “Liverpool Legends are a wonderful tribute to George’s musical legacy!” – Former President Bill Clinton

“I’m a huge Beatles fan and it’s great to see the Liverpool Legends bring them back to life! Now I’m a Liverpool Legends fan! I highly recommend them!” –¬†Former MLB Manager Tony LaRussa

“I’d think these guys were terrific even if one of them DIDN’T have my last name!” – Joe Mantagna

“Phenomenal in every way… It is pure magic!” – Jerry Bruckheimer

“Now, I get to see the evolution of the Beatles in two hours. Love it!” – Yakov Smirnoff

“I’ve seen many acts doing this type of thing but Liverpool Legends are by far the closest to The Beatles that I’ve ever seen. They have the complete package! The sound, the look and the mannerisms!” – Danny Bonaduce

“It’s like shaking Mr. McCartney’s hand in person.” – Dick Biondi

“You are brilliant! You should be on Broadway!” – Eric Burdon

“Come and see the Liverpool Legends, they’re the best. We love them!” – Daniel O’Donnell

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