Reviews and Quotes from our Better-Known Fans

“Liverpool Legends are the very best four guys to portray the Beatles since the only four guys to play the Beatles were John, Paul, George and Ringo!” – Louise Harrison

“Hey, that’s you! I could spot John out anywhere! You make a great John!” – Paul McCartney

“In a personal letter to Louise Harrison, the President stated: “Liverpool Legends are a wonderful tribute to George’s musical legacy!” – Former President Bill Clinton

“I’m a huge Beatles fan and it’s great to see the Liverpool Legends bring them back to life! Now I’m a Liverpool Legends fan! I highly recommend them!” – Former MLB Manager Tony LaRussa

“I’d think these guys were terrific even if one of them DIDN’T have my last name!” – Joe Mantagna

“Phenomenal in every way… It is pure magic!” – Jerry Bruckheimer

“Now, I get to see the evolution of the Beatles in two hours. Love it!” – Yakov Smirnoff

“Liverpool Legends are by far the closest to The Beatles that I’ve ever seen. They have the complete package! The sound, the look and the mannerisms!” – Danny Bonaduce ‘The Partridge Family

“It’s like shaking Mr. McCartney’s hand in person.” –  Legondary Radio Personality First American DJ to play a Beatles record on the Radio. — Dick Biondi 

“You are brilliant! You should be on Broadway!” – Eric Burdon Lead singer for the Animals

“Come and see the Liverpool Legends, they’re the best. We love them!” – Daniel O’Donnell

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